Our Story

In the summer of 2002 in Butler, Pennsylvania, a man’s heart was left yearning for change after his dear friend was lost to a heroin overdose. God began pulling on his heart, asking him to spread God’s love and gospel to the children of the city. Maybe if God could reach the hearts of these children, they could have the hope he knew his friend had just recently found: salvation in Jesus Christ.

Not long after, Tom Bowser and his wife Sandy began knocking on doors in the community with the help of two friends. They spent a week inviting children to join them for a fun event complete with snacks, games, sidewalk chalk, face painting, and a message of salvation. On Saturday they waited, but the park was empty. On the brink of disappointment, they prayed for at least one child to show up. Just then, from every direction, children began pouring into the park. They laughed and played with joy spread across each face. That was the first day of Fishbone.

Since 2002, there have been years of love, loss, hurts and joys. Through it all, God has built Fishbone Ministries into a beautiful community of people. We run our programs out of a couple townhouses and an add-on in “The Island” neighborhood of downtown Butler. Our mission statement is “To strengthen and encourage a community of people within a community. Serving as ambassadors of Jesus Christ by providing physical, spiritual, and emotional support.”

We head up several programs such as our elementary school program, youth group, and after school program. There are also several smaller programs and events we host throughout the year. Overall, we love to love people with the love of Christ. Our hope is to draw them closer to Jesus and plant seeds of hope in the lives of our community.